Free Maps of Canada - and of Very Good Quality

map-of-canadaIf you love maps as much as I do, you will be thrilled with this fantastic website which hosts a plethora of interactive maps of Canada *. Most of are of good quality. Some are of very good quality.  This should be a big help if you want to travel in Canada.

For example, if you navigate to economy >> diamond exploration, you will get a map of Canada, showing regions where diamond exploration takes place. Click on one of these regions, and you zoom in, only to find that there are several sites in the area. Zoom in even further for more detail. Some of the map categories covered include environment, people & Society, history and climate change among others.

My favorite are the free topographic maps of Canada*. You start off with a 1:42,000,000 scale map showing all of Canada. Click on one of the map sections, and you zoom in to a 1:5 000 000 scale map. In some places, you can zoom in to 1:120,000; in other places you can zoom all the way down to 1:20 000.

The topographic maps have some really cool tools, for example, you can measure distances right on the map - even for complex, multi-point paths.

There are many layers you can turn on or off, for example satellite images, the road, rail, and power networks - just to name a few.

Explore and have fun!

*Note: At the time of writing, the above links do not work properly, due to an error with the host server. When I tried it, I ended up at a page asking if you want to take a survey. Just navigate to the maps you want. To get to the topographic maps for example, go to Topographic Maps >> Toporama - Topographic Maps.

Thanks to Stefan for telling me about this site


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